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i want him!!

'if u can't get someone out of your head, maybe they are suppose to be there' -tara. =( 2 more months.. ahhh!! i can't possibly wait that long- im gonna die!!!! [not realli, but still!] =o(((( *TeAr*
oh and 9 friggin days and i can legally drive on the streets of florida.. haha. i am so amped. stoked. happy!!!!! YAYYY!! um edit: with a permit hahah! i guess i forgot that part.
oh and 9 mor flippin days until i go to cali!! im gonna miss all of you guys here. but hey... i'll probably see all of you guys when i get home. I BETTER!! hehe. yea well this was my edit
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ahh court thats soo awesome! ergh lucky!!
good luck with the guy in your head :( <33 we gotta hangout asaap!! calll meee sometime! i miss u!! mwah xox alyssa
hehe. well i can legally drive with a permit. HA! i guess i forgot to add that part.. lOl and of course i wil DEF call u!! =)
courtney is listening to copeland!! oh yea!! i'm soo proud of u lol!!
thank you ::curtsy:: thank you ::bows:: lol!!